The Cyclic Voltammetry International School (CVIS) is a five-day training course in Paris (Spring 2019) that combines class time and hands-on laboratory work rooted in the fundamental concepts of molecular and biomolecular electrochemistry. CVIS is intended for young researchers, including post-doctoral associates and academics, as well as for highly motivated PhD students who are seeking to gain or further enhance their theoretical knowledge and practical experience in Cyclic Voltammetry. The number of attendees will be limited to 10.

The course will focus on the application of cyclic voltammetry to the contemporary challenges that are at the forefront of energy-related catalysis, such as the activation of small molecules (e.g. CO2, H+, O2 and H2O), and bio-analysis based on redox enzymes catalysis.

The Cyclic Voltammetry International School will consist of morning classes dedicated to the application of cyclic voltammetry to the various fields of molecular and biomolecular electrochemistry and followed by correlating hands-on laboratory sessions in the afternoon. The morning classes will cover core concepts of cyclic voltammetry, and its application to the analysis of coupled chemical reactions, catalytic systems and redox enzymes. Afternoon sessions will involve laboratory work that illustrates the concepts discussed in each morning session. In the introductory laboratory session, all participants will perform basic voltammetry experiments. These sessions will then progress into more advanced experiments to illustrate strategies that can be used for deciphering complex mechanisms. In addition, participants will receive supporting materials that will guide them through this five-day course.

Morning classes will be given by Cyrille Costentin, Benoît Limoges, Marc Robert and Jean-Michel Saveant from the Laboratoire d’Electrochimie Moléculaire (LEM). Cédric Tard and François Mavré from LEM will be helping with the afternoon laboratory sessions.

Classes and laboratory sessions will be held at the Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7) in the Lavoisier building, which is a short walk from the Seine river waterfront. Participants will stay at the Park & Suites hotel (4 min. walk from Lavoisier). Lunches will be provided at the Buffon Faculty Club restaurant (2 min. walk from Lavoisier) and will be joined by the LEM teaching team.

The dates for 2019 school will be announced next fall. Please fill the online form to be kept updated.